People worldwide just love this new game! All ages spend a lot of time playing it because it is so interesting and great made! Puzzles somehow really fit literally all ages, and players can never get bored trying to solve them. Best Fiends Stars review by us contains all of the important information about this new puzzle game that you need to know. Continue reading for details. Let’s go!


Gameplay & Features of this new FREE puzzle game!


There you go, become the real star of this original and amazing story! From the creators of the worldwide hit – Best Fiends – comes a new, and what is the most important fact – 100% FREE puzzle game with such unique gameplay. The fun here is just endless! Match and blast your glory way through this explosive puzzles and master this puzzle game. Do your best to collect all of the adorable characters. Everything is better when you play it with someone, so, make sure to team up with your best friends and enjoy it together. If you race you are collecting your stars that way, and you need to unlock the fallen treasure. Be as fast as you can, do it all before the slimy Slugs get there first and defeat you.

Let’s continue with some key features of this game. Best Fiends Stars – Free Puzzle Game has more than 500 awesome puzzle levels, so, make sure to enjoy lots of easy-to-learn gameplay with new levels (they are unlocking every two weeks). A lot of explosive boosters need to be unlocked so you can use them and such explosive combinations to blast through hard levels. Do your best to make all of the story levels completed for endless fun and enter the star league here. Team up with your best friends and play it together, chat with them, collect those adorable characters. You are also able to send some gifts to each other, whenever you wish to.

Massive rewards are waiting for you, collect as many stars as you can. Discover the lands of Minutia and master this game like a pro! Playable everywhere – even on an airplane! Offline or online, however, fun is guaranteed! This game is 100% FREE to download & play. You can find it on a Google Play Store or App Store, which means that it is compatible and made for both, Android & iOS devices. Our Best Fiends Stars – Free Puzzle Game review needs bonus info here, and it is actually a video you need to see. Here is the link:




Have the best insight with your own eyes the graphics, subject matter and everything we described in words.

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