Do you wish for a true MMO experience, a real open-world for your mobile, and, at the same time, prettiest fantasy MMO so far? Black Desert Mobile is the best brand-new game for you to try it as soon as you can! This game is the critically-acclaimed MMO, its players are coming from more than 150 countries around the world. You will experience the most amazing adventure in Black Desert on your mobile. Around the world, a huge number of players adore this game and admire it.To read more details, continue with our Black Desert Mobile review down below.


Key features


This game guarantees breathtaking action that never stops through its whole gameplay. Go and play as 5 unique classes with your dynamic skills. Fast-paced combat will make you or break you. Never give up. Talking about the graphic details now. We all love to play a game with the latest and most beautiful graphical impressions, right? On mobiles, developers made a miracle, because the graphic became so damn realistic! The graphic at its best is in Black Desert Mobile. Brace yourselves for this immersive game world with sophisticated, high-quality graphics! Take the original quality if you want to experience anywhere you go on mobile.

Character customization option gives you the best opportunity to express yourself with customization skills on its extremes. Almost everything is possible to do here! Simple tools but such a high degree of freedom in character customization, make your character be original! Do the customization well and let yourself be your true self. The boundaries of gaming have gone so crazy, but amazing & realistic is how your character will look after you make him/her.

A huge amount of content is here for you to create the world you wish for. Life content is so wide, including fishing and taming, and with you having your own camp. Manage & expand. Amazing pets and trustworthy horses. Join this adventure and do not wait for a second more. Delighted by this game, gamers around the world adore it! Black Desert Mobile review by us will direct you to this video to see – check out the youtube video with a gameplay showing content to have the best insight with your own eyes:

This game is free for all Android and iOS devices.

Our Black Desert Mobile review. You will certainly not repent if you start playing this game, because it is truly addictive and fantastic! We hope that all the information you have read and seen here is useful and interesting. We will strive to find the best games in the future, as we have done all the time, and suggest to you why you should try them out. Until our next article with the new review – stay tuned – BYE!