Prepare yourselves because you are all about to get creepy and kooky with the Addams Family! Can’t wait for the movie, right? You must collect all of the Addams Family characters as soon as possible! Get legendary sweethearts Morticia and Gomez plus Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester and more. Build the house for them that is such a nightmare to look at it! Read some important things about this game, continue to out The Addams Family Mystery Mansion review (full) down below.



Gameplay and features

The Addams Family is back, this time, you will see them in animated form on the big screen and they’re also back for some mobile horrors in gaming form. This game that we do the game review to, The Addams Family – Mystery Mansion, is the official house building game and it is based on the new animated movie from MGM. We talked about building a house for this family. Yup, the scary house needs some decorations with the style as all the houses do, right? There will be a lot of furniture, paintings to be put on the wall, carnivorous plants and other weird devices at your disposal to give the Mansion that Addams charm! Enjoy this mysterious and amazing story that will be unfolding as you play The Addams Family – Mystery Mansion!

You need to collect all of the characters from the upcoming movie by MGM. Expand your scary great looking house and unlock some new content here. How to unlock it? Well, with every level of the game, one by one you are able to unlock a lot of new cool and crazy stuff! Personalize everything by our will and wishes and be the decorator of your Mystery Mansion! Craft spooky and funny items to meet the Family’s needs! We are sure that you will enjoy the Addams Family’s charm and humor through our unique storyline!

Remember this! Helpful information

                You should keep on your mind to always, but, ALWAYS check,, DESIRES”! Because, by checking the desires of this family, you earn your Addams coins. Also, there is the other way to earn coins, by visiting your friends. But, if you do both ways, more coins for you! Note to refresh the desires button from time to time.

Talking about the characters, you can keep changing their outfits and make them look how you would love to! Unlock the outfits you need to get cards in “Kooky Boxes”. Remember to play Moments, because it is recommended that you assign every available character to the selected Moment to gain more chances of getting some special and great items.

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The link will lead you to the video called The Addams Family – Mystery Mansion Gameplay First Look (Android iOS), yeah, this game is available and 100% FREE for both (Android and iOS devices), so, it does not really matter which device you have.

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