You must be remembering Traffic Racer, endless arcade racing where you are in your car, driving through highway traffic, earning cash, upgrading and buying new cars. If you loved this game and you’re full of the adrenaline going fast through your veins, read carefully now, because something new came up! Prepare to the another masterpiece coming from the creators of well-known & amazing game Traffic Racer. This time, the game’s name is Traffic Rider, and you are behind the wheels of a motorbike. The gaming experience is much more detailed this time, but not giving up on the old school fun & simplicity, of course. Old school is never bad to keep. Let’s continue with the detailed Traffic Rider review.


Gameplay & Features


Get ready for the endless racing genre took to a whole new level by adding an awesome mode – full career mode. Much better graphics and real life recorded bike sounds will give you such a realistic experience. It is the next generation game, but still has the essence of smooth arcade racing. Ride your bike in the endless highway roads overtaking the traffic. Upgrade and buy yourself new bikes. Those new bikes will be so useful in you missions of the career mode. Ride like a pro! Traffic Rider creators said that the game will be updated regularly with all of its players and fans suggestions.

First person camera view, 29 different motorbikes to choose from and hit the road, real motor sounds which was recorded from real bikes, so detailed environments with day and night variations. This new career mode has more than 70 missions. Online leaderboards and 30+ achievements, 19 languages available as a support. Note that the faster you ride, the more scores you get and the bigger player you are becoming. When your speed overcomes 100 km/h, overtake traffic cars closely, it is the way to get bonus scores and cash. Drive in opposite direction in two-way or do wheelies to earn extra score and cash, too!

This game is 100% FREE to download & play! The adrenalistic experience with the full speed is waiting on you to try it! Does not really matter which device you have, you can find it and download it from Google Play Store, or App Store, and it works great on both Android & iOS. An extra thing in our Traffic Rider review is the video gameplay, it will complete it.Check out the youtube gameplay video here, we really recommend you to see this one:




See for yourself how much graphics, animation and everything together looks so perfect!

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